Tips for Choosing Lingerie Carefully to Get the Perfect Fit

Tips for Choosing Lingerie Carefully to Get the Perfect Fit

Lingerie is something which makes a woman look stunning and beautiful inside and out. The lingerie one wears tells a lot about her character, taste, and purpose. It is the sensual link with her body and therefore choosing the right lingerie is very crucial for the overall look of a woman. The huge variety of lingerie available in the market today can make your head go dizzy. But don’t worry, read on to know how to choose the right lingerie for you.

Pick the right size

Some women become experts in choosing the right size of the bra while there are others who keep on struggling either because their bust line is thin but the cup size bigger or because the size keeps on changing as the fight to keep fit continues. Choosing LingerieTherefore, it is always recommended to try the lingerie and not rely just on the previous purchase to buy the bra thereby making sure that you pick the right size. Also, pregnant women are recommended not to buy a tight bra and instead go for half a bigger size and for others, it should be perfect, neither loose nor tight.

Don’t ignore the type of bra

Bra type is the next decision to be made after deciding the size. There are different types of bras available but choose the one according to the bust:

  • Adhesive bras: These are backless and strapless and hence are very trendy and worn on special occasions when the dress demands so. These are generally made of silicon and are washable and reusable. But as these have little support, they are suitable only for medium or small sized busts.
  • Corsets: These are impractical bras and are generally worn on some special occasion like by a bride which give her a more lean and graceful look by straightening the back and focusing on the breast area.
  • Pushup bra: This is ideal for a medium sized bra. It is generally bought by girls with small bust to make their bust look bigger and hence is not even recommended for the girls with already bigger bust since it will look more fleshy and larger.
  • Others: Other types of bras include the Built-in bras, Super pushups, and the Full support bras.

Color of the lingerie

Undoubtedly, it is always safe to buy a white color bra as the colored ones generally lose their color and become dull after some washes but it should also be kept in mind that men don’t find white or nude color bras interesting. So, you can even include hot colors like red, pink etc. or even two colors at a time like a black bra with red lace, or printed bras. Also, emphasize on the detailing i.e. the embroidery or the lace pattern of the bra that you are considering.

Choosing the underwear

Lingerie includes the underwear too and it should also be chosen very carefully. The thongs should be avoided for every-day use as they can be harmful to health if used daily. Instead, try out the trendy and vibrant designs with amazing colors to look hot and sexy.

See the texture

Lingerie is the first piece of cloth that will be in direct contact with your body and hence don’t ever compromise on its texture. Best textured ones might be expensive, after all, they let your body breathe. Avoid buying synthetic ones for daily wear. Cotton lingerie is always comfortable but it wears off very soon. Try the silk of fine satin set of high quality.

Always try it on

It so happens that generally, people try on the lingerie on a naked body and hence the exact fit and visual appeal is not properly judged. Obviously, it is to be worn under some clothes and not as such and hence its adaptability and appearance should be checked by wearing clothes and not just without them.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to those old-fashioned grandma type lingerie and choose the one which is bright, lively and perfect for your body type. Any other compromise may be tolerable but you might have to pay a heavy toll for compromising on lingerie. Choose the right one, wear it, flaunt it around and feel happy, good, and confident!

Choosing Perfect Lingerie Tips for Choosing Lingerie

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