Tips To Stay In Fashion And Look Your Best Everyday

Tips To Stay In Fashion And Look Your Best Everyday

Getting dressed needs to be a fun and energizing exercise as it sets our tone for the rest of the day. Instances are not rare when we come across people who dress elegantly and think to ourselves how we could never pull the same thing off. But in reality, dressing in style is not rocket science if you know the right tricks. Today we are going to share some tried and tested tips which can easily transform you from the girl next door to an enviably stylish diva.

    • Only a truly gifted fashionista can dress with bang-on style in a few minutes of time. But most of the street style looks which impress you to the core have been plucked the night before. To Stay In Fashion And LookIf you develop the habit of planning in advance, then you can mix and match your attires and try out the same in front of your mirror to understand which one looks best.
    • If you are bored of wearing the same old garments then look out for inspiration in Instagram, Pinterest or even your favorite fashion magazine to explore how the true-blue fashionistas create noteworthy looks by mixing their old attires.
    • It is imperative to check the weather condition prior to leaving your house each day as the last thing you would want is to hit the town in a micro mini skirt when it is heavily snowing outside or trouncing around in your rain boots on a bright sunny morning.
    • When was the last time you actually woke up on the first ring of your alarm? Chances are high that you are snoozing it ‘n’ number of times and waking up late with hardly much time left to get ready. Hoping out of bed in time will give you enough time for putting on your outfit properly, sprucing up your hair, swiping on some makeup and even adding an accessory or two.
    • If you think that a fashionista is wearing only designer labels that you are completely mistaken. Stylish women often grab outfits from different places such as discount retailers, department stores, chain stores at the mall, consignment and vintage shops and at times designer boutiques.
    • Buy a blazer or jacket only if it fits you properly. There is nothing such as an ‘almost fit.’ Consult the best dressed friend of yours and she will swear by the same advice. The wonders which a proper fit can do to your frame is absolutely flattering. You should also invest in some fitted staple garments such as knit t-shirts and polo shirts for flaunting your best features in style.

  • Your undergarments lay the foundation stone for the rest of your look to fall in place. A pair of underwire having visible elastic or a bra which leaves your breasts all saggy might cause an otherwise perfect look to lose out its fizz. Make sure to select the right undergarments while planning out your look even if that requires an initial investment in some seamless undergarments.
  • Fashionable ladies realise that following the latest trends can give her look a solid boost. But she does not revamp her wardrobe to be in sync with every runway season. She rather stocks up some classic wardrobe staples which will always be in vogue such as a V-neck cashmere sweater or a polka dotted white shirt.
  • Seasoned fashionistas can spruce up any outfit by layering their accessories in such a way that they don’t look over-the-top. Wearing a single statement piece like a brightly patterned scarf or a bauble necklace can manage to turn heads as you walk down the corridor. Necklines, sleeve lengths and hems should decide which accessories can accentuate the outfit you are wearing in the best possible manner.
  • Exercise proper caution while choosing your statement piece whether it is a set of turquoise chandelier earrings or a bright-pink blazer. If your statement piece looks polished and of high quality, then your whole wardrobe can benefit out of the same.
  • Fashion-forward women understand that high-quality clothes need to be kept in a good shape. Thus, they make it a point to change into a comfortable pair of pyjamas as soon as they get home so that their expensive trousers and shirts do not get wrinkled. They are also cautious about the label warnings especially the ones concerning dry cleaning and ironing.
  • Remember that it is not mandatory to wear high heels at all times. Flats can look just as snazzy and make your feet feel more comfortable especially when you are picking up kids from school, power-walking in to meetings or heading out for a casual dinner along with friends.

A fashion-forward woman knows how to browse through trends and choose the one which will suit her best. So, find your assets and start flaunting them the right way by incorporating a little bit of whatever catches your eyes while window shopping while your way back or from your closet itself.

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