Trendy Fashion Tips For Teenage Girl

Trendy Fashion Tips For Teenage Girl

Teen years can be a pretty confusing stage as girls constantly struggle to keep up with their individual style statement amidst the changing fashion trends. There is also a massive Fear Of Moving Out which makes these perky divas extra eager to score brownie points with their dressing style.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the very best fashion tips for teenage girls which can get your fashion wheel rolling in no time.

Simple Striped Crop Top

A crop top is one such garment which is loved by women of all age and body structure. Whether you wish to show off your toned abs by going solo or layer it with embroidered jackets for hiding your problem areas, the crop top is bound to stun you with its versatility.

Even the ones having neutral tones like white and black stripes look good when paired with your favorite denim.

Printed Leggings With Solid Color Shirts

Leggings can definitely be termed as a girl’s best friend as it can be easily paired up with everything ranging from plain t-shirts to oversized knitted wear and even dresses. Ankle-high boots look exceptionally good when paired with leggings. You can get autumn ready in no time by throwing in a beanie or wearing a dark colored hoodie over vibrantly printed leggings.

Funky skull shirt

Another important fashion tips for teenage girl suggest teaming up black denim or leggings with funky shirts bearing quirky graphics. These can also be teamed up with colored leggings for that chic casual look. In winter months, you can even wear it underneath a contrast color cardigan and let your hair loose for that flirty feel.

Winter Color Coordination

According to fashion tips for teenage girl, you can create a magnificent look by adding some bright colors for that structured yet vibrant look.

If you select two bright shades for your cap and scarf, then the rest of your wardrobe should bear light or neutral tone. The colored woolens also look good when paired with a basic white tea and blue or black denim.

Printed Coat & Plain Shirt

Winter months provide us with larger style options in the form of hoodies, oversized sweaters and a lot more. However, for looking slim, fashion tips for teens advocate wearing a white or cream colored shirt with graphics printed coat and blue denim pants.

Plain White Vest

The basic vest is a must-have fashion accessory in the wardrobe of all teenage girls. You can easily coordinate a white vest with blue denim and bright sneakers for a chic and elegant look.

It also becomes possible to create a layered effect on the white base by wearing colorful neck accessories. Alternatively, you can also wear a shirt, scarf, jacket or tee on top of this basic vest for nailing that layered look.

Classic Blue Denim Jacket

Denim is one trend which never goes out of style. This is why fashion tips for teens hint at having a denim jacket in a shade of blue as it easily blends in with most apparels.

Teenage girls can either opt for a form fitted one or a jacket which is slightly bigger than her size. The versatile jackets can be worn over a regular skirt and top, dress, vest and denim combo, in a buttoned-up manner with a pair of black denim or over a formal attire.

Stockings & Shorts

Shorts is that one fashion item which often gets sported by teenage girls whenever they feel confused about how to dress for casual gatherings. You can easily pair up classic blue denim shorts with fishnet stocking.

Colored denim, solid colors and leopard prints are also suggested under fashion tips for teens for being teamed up with a colorful sneaker or black boots. You can even nail an edgier and more gothic look by pairing it up with aviators and a sling bag.

Vibrant Yet Flirty Shades For Those Beach Parties

Another popular fashion tips for teenage girl hint at wearing chunky glass frames which can either have a monochrome finish or multiple hues. You can easily add vibrancy to your everyday look by opting for colorful glasses which can be worn both during casual as well as formal occasions.

Adding A Dash Of Bling With Bracelets

As per fashion tips for teens, you can easily create a trademark style by wearing the right type of accessories. This can be done either by sporting solo bracelets or mixing them up with the other bangles in your jewelry arsenal.

Be it the chunky bracelets or the feminine ones, you can easily impart a layering effect to a plain outfit by teaming it up with these vibrant accessories. Teenage girls can take their pick amongst the diverse varieties of braided bracelets, leather bands, wooden bangles, chunky jeweled bangles, charm bracelets, shell bracelets, wristlets and many more.

However, if you wish to highlight your arm, then you need to keep the remaining accessories as minimal as possible.

Creating A Style Statement With Boots

Another acclaimed fashion tips for teens advocate matching your outfit with boots of various heights to hike up your style quotient. There was a time when the color palette of boots was limited to just black and brown.

However, times have changed drastically and girls can easily take their pick from diverse shade options. Bright colored boots can easily add the required level of spunk to neutral colored or plain outfits.

Evoking Subtle Sensuality In A Girly Dress

Fashion tips for teenage girl make it mandatory to have at least one girly dress in their wardrobe with floral patterns and lavender or pink hues. Laces or frills also usher in a subtle charisma. The best thing about these dresses is that they can either be worn solo or along with stockings, jackets or leggings.


Teenage is the best time to explore the latest trends of the fashion industry in a frivolous manner. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes along the way provided you feel elated about trying out new things.

Whether you wish to follow a particular trend or create your very own identity, you can proceed with the same by taking a cue from the look book curated above.

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