Tips Of Buying Wedding Dresses For Short Women

Tips Of Buying Wedding Dresses For Short Women

Finding a wedding gown which flatters your body type in the best manner possible can indeed seem like a daunting task. Although you have countless magazines and online portals to take ideas from, it becomes pretty difficult to imagine yourself in a particular style which is otherwise looking brilliant on a model have 6’2” height. This is why it becomes imperative to shortlist the wedding dresses for short women before deciding on the one which will suit you best.

Today we are going to discuss some general tips which can assist you in shopping wedding dresses for your petite frame. Your main aim here should be to select a style which can elongate your figure by creating a visual illusion of longer torso. Thus, while you are out searching for wedding dresses in bridal salons, you need to be exceptionally cautious about the following:

Wedding Dresses For Short Women

  • Choosing the right silhouette can have a big role to play in either making or breaking your final look. In the world of fashion, you might come across various silhouettes such as ball gown, trumpet, A-line, mermaid, princess and a lot more. We will discuss in detail about the particular silhouettes which can flatter petite women in details below.
  • While choosing wedding dresses for short women, you also need to lay special emphasis on proportion as all short girls do not wish to nail the same final look. Rather they want to accentuate their proportions in the best manner possible which is the core concept in petite style dressing and should also serve as the core aim of your wedding look. Maybe this is why puffy ball gowns are considered to be a strict no-no for petite ladies.
  • The wedding dresses for short women should be such that it creates the illusion of height through a lean and long shape. They should thus be vertical rather than horizontal. Puffy gowns tend to add up to the bulk of your figure horizontally which is an exact opposite of adding length to your frame.

Now that you have understood the basics of petite dressing tips, let’s take a look at some of the tried-and-tested styles which are an absolute hit amongst wedding dresses for short women.

Wedding Dresses For Short Women


A body-hugging gown can serve your slim figure in a beautiful manner. You can team up this look with a halter neckline for giving your cleavage a boost. The seam of this dress style runs vertically down to the hips from the shoulders making them one of the best styles of minimalist brides.

Often wedding dresses for short women having sheath style is made up of chiffon style as the drape of the fabric tends to accentuate your figure for making all eyes rest on you as you walk elegantly down the aisle. The light weight nature of most sheath dresses make them ideal for being worn on outdoor occasions, especially those occurring at the beach.


A fit-and-flare can serve as your ideal choice if you are thinking off adding a dash of drama to your wedding look. While the long waistline tends to elongate your natural line, you can balance out your petite frame by adding flare at the bottom.

This highly feminine style of wedding dresses for short women hugs your middle section and slowly flares around the skirt for a fishtail like a look. A mermaid style wedding gown can give all petite brides a “red carpet” like feel.

Wedding Dresses For Short Women

A Line

This is one such silhouette which looks equally flattering on all body types and petite women also don’t vary from this general philosophy. A line dresses tend to hug you around the hips for accentuating your waistline. It creates the look of a tightened hip line which slowly broadens through the ankle.

A line wedding dress for short women can serve you well at traditional church weddings as well as a casual ceremony at your country house. If you choose the right A-line dress, then you can easily emphasize your best assets without the requirement of much accessories.


If you are on the lookout for a wedding dress which can help you curve out your very own style statement, then short dresses can definitely serve you well. Short wedding dresses can show off your bare legs which ultimately creates the illusion of a taller frame.

These wedding dresses for short women are also comparatively simpler and will never seem overpowering on your petite frame. A short wedding dress can also help you exercise maximum flexibility in terms of embellishments as you can easily take your pick without having to worry about over accessorizing yourself.

The short wedding dresses can also serve a bride well during outdoor weddings as it becomes easier to walk in the same without having a trail dragging over the grass. They can also serve as your best bet for being carried to a destination wedding as these short dresses are comparatively easier to pack than the full-length gowns.

Empire Waist Line

This high waistline is a common choice in wedding dresses for short women as they tend to cut horizontally across the body just underneath the bust line. This gives a long and slender look to your frame and looks flattering on pear shaped petite women as the skirt of the gown perfectly camouflages the bottom-heavy figure of these ladies.

You can also emphasize your waistline by opting for a wedding dressing having a ribbon or bejeweled belt fitted at the waistline for imparting greater definition to your structure.

Bottom Line

Once you have decided on the kind of dress you wish to sport on your special day, it is necessary to finish it up with matching stilettoes, gorgeous makeup and statement jewels to make everyone go berserk over your nonchalant elegance.

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