Wedding Dresses For Older Women

Wedding Dresses For Older Women

We all know that the bride is always the center of attention of any wedding, and it cannot be achieved without the right wedding dress, makeup and overall look of a bride. No matter whether the age of the bride is, either in the 20s or in 40s, whether she is slim or overweight, whether her skin tone is bright or dark, whether her height is medium or tall, when she walks down the aisle, all eyes get stuck to her only.

When we talk about wedding dresses, the fashion industry was more diverted towards young brides and you may have also noticed that mature brides were not represented much. Thus, there was not a huge selection of wedding dresses for older women could be found that fit their beauty and personality.

By keeping this concern in mind, many designers have come forward with their creative ideas which are now being adding in the wedding industry with a beautiful collection of wedding dresses for women over 40. The main aim to complement the dresses with their age has now reached its goal.

The wedding dresses for older women come in a range of designs, styles, and colors that can easily be fit to their body type, skin color and personality. Being a bride, you require choosing the right dress that best suits your choice, preference, and budget.

Tea-length wedding dresses

Tea length wedding dresses are so perfect for many brides over 40s. Such dresses have a length above the ankle and below the knee. When you choose tea length dresses with vintage style, none other dress can be looked wonderful on mature brides. Even if you are a woman with plus-size, these dresses work great on all brides. When you wear elegant shoes with your wedding dress, nothing more can be compared with your choice.

The main purpose of introducing this dress length concept is to give a little fresh look to the older women. You can choose short/long sleeves, V-neck, high neck or any other design that you feel look elegant on you.

Embroidery wedding dresses

Most of the older brides love to choose a simple and elegant wedding dress for their wedding. If you want to look classy while staying modest, you can go for an embroidery wedding dress. If it is not your first wedding and has already tried traditional wedding dresses before, then now it’s time to choose something different. In these dresses, embroidery is done to add a textured pattern to a dress, which includes lace, flowers, beading, fringe etc.


Instead of going with colorful threads, embroidery wedding dresses for older women should have gold, silver or grey which works perfectly to give vintage and luxury look to the dress.

High neck wedding dresses

The round and V-neck design are common in the wedding dresses, but choosing something different such as a wedding dress with high neckline ensure to give an unexpected elegant touch to your style. If you are getting married in older age, showing your skin is not a good idea at all, especially when your skin has started showing aging signs. High neckline helps in covering loose neck smartly along with giving some sexy look in an understated way.

To avoid looking too plump, the best way is to choose the tea length dress, instead of a long dress, as well as choose short or no sleeves dress, instead of long sleeves.

High waist wedding dresses

Another name for high waist dress is empire dress, which is an excellent selection if you have a wedding in spring or in the summer. The delicate lace and chiffon make high waist wedding dresses for older women more elegant and perfect attire for garden or beach wedding. The high waist design comprises of a piece of fabric which is hugged around the area below the chest. If you have a bulky stomach, then empire dress is the best choice to hide the stomach and put attention to the bust without making it revealing.

No matter what body type you have, the high waist wedding dress can be worn by all brides, whether young or older, slim or plus size. Such dresses come with cap sleeves, high neck, tea-length, and others.

Short trains wedding dresses

When we are looking for wedding dresses for older women, longer trains are not meant for them as it shows more drama, in terms of style and convenience. As compared to longer strains, shorter ones are much easier to manage, thus gives you freedom to mingle and dance. If you are a bride over 50, it does not mean that you have to follow tradition as the modern styles are not for women of your age.

If you have an outdoor or casual wedding party, the longer trains wedding dress is completely No for you. The dress should have about 3-6 inches of strains on the floor, which not only allows you to move freely but is also enough to have a dramatic entrance.

Wedding suit

If you have a formal wedding, you can go with a suit as the best wedding dress. Wedding suits are considered as the best choice to enjoy modern and incredible comfort which many older brides may not feel in wedding gowns. If you are more mature and it is not your first wedding, it would be really cool to go with something new this time. When you wear a pencil skirt with a jacket, both in light color fabric, and nothing would be better than this flattering choice.

Wedding suit for older women come with embroidery, beading work, bowknot or you can choose a simple lace suit. Also, it is not necessary to always select a white color for your wedding, instead go with grey or any light color shade to look perfect on your wedding.


If you are a woman over 50s, the beautiful vintage wedding dress than a lavish style would definitely work great for you. The rightly chosen wedding dress can make your best day more exciting and memorable.

So, instead of searching for wedding dresses on the different online or offline store, you must browse an online store that exclusively offers a great collection of wedding dresses for older women in varied designs and styles.

You can choose any style, but make sure to go with a style that will shine your best features.

It’s your day, so go with the best.

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