Tips Of Styling Wedding Necklaces For Brides Which Can Flatter Your Wedding Dress

Tips Of Styling Wedding Necklaces For Brides Which Can Flatter Your Wedding Dress

Now that your big day is almost here and your dream dress has already been ordered, it is time to choose the right neckpieces which can accentuate your bridal allure as you walk down in the aisle.

Just like a wedding dress, you can also have different options pertaining to wedding necklaces for brides for zeroing on the one which suits your personality in the best possible manner. Today we are going to take you through some tips and tricks which can make selecting a wedding necklace a fun experience for all would-be brides.

While selecting necklaces for wedding dresses, you need to consider your neckline. Necklaces should not touch or overlap your dresses. They should also try and enhance the intricate detailing around your neck or bust line rather than causing a distraction. Let’s take a look at some of the most common bridal necklines and matching jewellery which can flatter the same.

Styling Wedding Necklaces For Brides

Strapless dresses are one of the most popular bridal necklines which exposes a decent amount of skin and provides you with ample options of choosing the neckpiece. You can shop wedding necklaces for brides adorned with sparkly diamonds and its length lying halfway between your collarbone and neckline.

A shiny necklace can be paired up seamlessly with diamond drop earrings so that your ultimate appearance doesn’t become too over the top. An extremely long necklace can render an unbalanced look to your frame.

The classic and elegant sweetheart necklines can serve as ideal wedding grown picks and can accentuate your curves whether you have a small or well-endowed bust line. While taking your pick in regards to the matching necklace, you need to opt for a simple piece which can accentuate this flattering cut.

A lovely drop necklace having a dangly pear shaped diamond adorned by some marquise cut ones on each of its side can serve as the ideal choice for adding a dash of extra to your neckline. You can complete the look by pairing up your necklace with a matching pear shaped diamond earring.

Wedding Necklaces For Brides

Halter necklines can take up a lot of space around your neckline making it difficult to pair a proper necklace with the same. It is thus best to completely skip wearing wedding necklaces for brides while sporting this neckline. You can however accessorize your look in such a case with a pair of chandelier earrings or maybe a diamond or pearl bracelet.

Straight necklines can serve as a classic and simple option which can be paired to perfection with statement neckpieces to add a dash of glitz to your wedding attire. Statement neckwear’s should ideally be teamed up with pearl or diamond stud earrings to keep your collar line in main focus.

Wedding dresses having V-neckline can serve as a formal and classy option. This can be paired up with pendant necklace having a single gemstone for bringing those killer collarbones and décolletage into focus. You can pair it up with either short or dangly earrings for adding some sparkle to your ears.

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Now that you have selected the type of necklaces for wedding dresses, you need to make sure that it complements the color of your bridal attire. We will now discuss the best metal colors which can match up to the shade of your wedding dress in a beautiful manner.

A bright white dress can definitely be one of the toughest colors for a bride to sport on her D-day. The sheer starkness of the color can look washed out on both fair or medium toned brides but might not flatter the ladies having dark complexion.

A bright white gown can look beautiful when worn with light shaded metals such as pearl or platinum. Gold hues are a strict no-no while wearing similar hued gowns as they tend to clash with the bright shade of white.

Next comes champagne white color which is a few shades darker than bright white and will not seem as washed out on you. The best necklaces for wedding dresses in such cases are the ones in metal shades. You can also exercise complete flexibility while experimenting with diverse shades of rose gold or keep it classic with white or yellow gold hues.

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Ivory is another shade which looks universally flattering on brides of varying complexions. However, you are bound to find variation in terms of warm or cream and pink colored undertones while choosing the bridal gown.

The wedding necklaces for brides in such cases need to be in shades of metal which can easily complement the ivory undertones of your dress. While pink undertones look lovely when paired up with white or rose gold necklaces, yellow gold ones can flatter cream undertones.

Candlelight white is a shade darker in comparison to ivory and can serve as the perfect choice for sunset or evening wedding. The best shades which can flatter an ivory-hued gown are white and yellow gold.

If you are on the lookout for a quirky shaded wedding gown, then Ecru can serve as a brilliant option. It is actually the deepest ivory shade which looks a lot like beige when viewed from certain angles. You can pair up this dark ivory tone with white or yellow gold wedding necklaces for brides.

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You need to consider a large number of factors before shaping that final look which you had always dreamed of. The end goal of your wedding jewelry should be to enhance the final look of your dress rather than causing a distraction. For starters, you can consider the following to take the best step ahead.

Chiffon, silk, and organza are some of the most classic fabrics of wedding attires which are gorgeous in their own right. This is why you don’t need to invest in many rhinestones for nailing that elegant look and feel. It is best to opt for simple wedding necklaces for brides in these cases like subtle pearl or diamond pendants.

While thinking about wedding styles basking in glitz and glamour, the first thing which comes to our mind are crystal embellishments and tulle ball gowns. Thus, if your wedding gown is already riding high in terms of the sparkle quotient, then you can balance the whole thing with simple jewelry which can make you look elegant and sophisticated. An understated necklace and simple drop earrings can thus be adequate to ornate your dress.

Wedding dresses having lace details can impart a vintage and romantic flair to the same. The ideal necklaces for wedding dresses, in this case, are the diamond and pearl combination or maybe the ones studded with floral shaped gemstones.

Bottom Line

Brides can often feel that their ultimate wedding look is getting a little overboard with all the intricate jewelry and accessory choices. In such cases, you can keep the entire thing simple by just opting for the ones which seem essential for your look and by scraping away the rest. It should also be authentic to your personality so that you can look like the best version of yourself on your big day.

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