What To Wear Guide For A Date, Interview And Office Party!

What To Wear Guide For A Date, Interview And Office Party!

It is extremely hard to know what a perfect outfit is for a perfect occasion. You obviously don’t want to wear something that strikes out to be odd. You want to blend in but at the same time want to make a powerful statement with your fashionable and trendy clothes. Here, is the perfect guide to all your queries regarding what to wear, when to wear and how to pull it off.

The Date.

  • The impression that you create on this day makes an everlasting impact. So, you might wanna do it right.
  • The way to look great on your first date is by being who you are. Be comfortable in your own skin and clothes.What To Wear Everyday
  • You might want to keep that make-up under control too.
  • Go for something that matches up to the venue of the place.
  • You know what is your best feature. Make sure you highlight it in the best way. Wear tones that agrees with you.
  • Don’t flaunt too much skin. Keep it subtle. You don’t want to give him the wrong idea on the very first meet.
  • A white cashmere sweater. A pair of dark jeans. You can go for boots with tassels or keep it simple with a pair of pointed heels.

The Interview.

You’re dreading this day, when worrying just about your qualifications about the job won’t help you get it. You wanna show up for the interview looking your best in the most presentable way. You need that job and you need to impress them with your powerful, classy and sophisticated sense of dressing. So, here is how you will dress to bag that dream job.

  • You need to have a powerful impact on your job. Buy a pair of black, well fitted pants.
  • Wear a buttoned-down shirt in beige, lilac, white, grey, navy blue,black. It can be off different materials like silk, cotton or chiffon.
  • Give your boring shirt a bit of a twist yet keep it sophisticated with a camisole underneath your shirt.
  • A high-quality bra for your workplace or interview is extremely important. You need to make sure it doesn’t pop out of your shirt and isn’t visible.
  • Don’t show too much skin when you’re going for that interview or even when you’re working. Your office won’t be the right place for it.
  • The three-piece rule. It states that for the aura of authority you must dress up in threes. Put on a darker shade of blazer with your beige, lilac, white or gray shirt. You can even switch it and go for lighter shades of well fitted blazers with darker tones of button-down shirts.
  • Yes, you’re forbidden to show too much skin but you can still pack a powerful look with your dress. Go for a brighter shade of red or turquoise blue.
  • As for your feet, stilettos are great for your workplace but if you’re not comfortable in them then wear a pair of bellies that are pointed. Pointed shoes give you a sleek look.

The Office Party.

It is a party yet without an ounce of happiness about the fun-filled night you’re sweating bullets. Take a few deep breaths and learn how to dress up for that party everyone has been talking about. Wear fashionable clothes and bring out that party loving maniac in you.

  • Your fetish for glitters can come true. Reach out for that stylish dress you own in glitter. Pair this look with boots of oxblood shade. You can add a clutch to your dress as well.
  • Even though it is an office party you wanna look stylish, sexy and professional at the same time. Wear a pair of red stilettos to make the statement. These pair of shoes with your regular work clothes will look great.
  • If you’re one of those people who love a simple, fun top. Then this outfit is for you. Wear an off-shoulder top in white with your regular work pants. A pair of heels in suede black will add the final touch to your look.

Sure, it is quite the dilemma and you start to lose your calm as you stand dumbstruck in front of your huge wardrobe, packed with way too many clothes. Let, this article be the perfect guide for you and hold your hand in that difficult moment to get along with your day-to-day life.

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