Why Is It Okay For You To Be Alone?

Why Is It Okay For You To Be Alone?

We as Human being are social animals who often require a status at a social platform and we constantly look for social interactions, as to us being social has become more of a trend and you dare not walk out of trends. But the real question arises here is, Are you happy? Are you happy with your social activeness all the time? Are you happy being around people and constantly been judged for your acts? No, you are not. That is why at times one needs to be alone and kindly do not confuse this with loneliness as the two terms offer two different perspectives. Being alone does no harm rather it is full of good notes. We will explain you how:-

* Complete a project all by yourself: When you want to do something which holds personal importance, then it is better you do it all by yourself. Not in group and neither ask for any help. Take advantage of yourself, your own ideas, thoughts without altering it to match with others if you were working in a group. To Be AloneYou will feel a sense of independency and you will actually understand how good enough you are which you would have never if you were made to compromise as per the rest. Neither you have to seek validation nor you have to say sorry more frequently.

* Be creative and rearrange your valuables or wardrobe or room: The state where you are alone with zero social contact and any other human interference is a state where you can actually turn up to be creative. You can create art, write or make crafts or anything unusual and is best done is solitude. You can rearrange your room, your desk, wardrobe which needs to be fixed and is something you don’t want to do when you have been busy meeting friends or dating or working. So that much of personal space is necessary.

* Observe and Influence: The more you observe the more you learn. If you visit a nearby park or any mall and you look around people and you take notice of an ordinary situation, you will notice things that are ordinary but were never noticed before and you understand the beauty, the concept and you understand different behavioural patterns among different men and women. Talk to yourself about things you come across and try to evaluate as it adds to your understanding level.

* Recharge and Reflect: When you are interacting with people around, willingly or unwillingly you try to communicate in a manner that is far away from your own validation or principles, you try to impress them or make them happy. So, it is very important to sit alone at times, spend some good time all alone where you can recharge yourself, you spend time trying to reflect your personal views and happiness. You focus your own thoughts which is very important, because in this process you find yourself.

* Connect with oneself and you become more productive: With people around yourself, you spend your energy in trying to understand them, read their actions but you never seem to try connecting with yourself, with your emotions and feelings which is only possible if you spend time alone. As time alone helps you be attentive to your feelings and needs, to your emotions and you gradually become more productive. You do things that make you happy, things that are good for your mental and physical health. You start valuing your opinions and give it a chance other than accepting what others have to say all the time.

* Learn to Embrace everything, especially embrace yourself: The time you are alone and you have nobody around to judge you for who you are is the time where you can act the way you are, the way you feel good about yourself. As you fall more in love with yourself, you automatically fall in good company, you understand relationships better. Go to watch a movie alone, walk in an ice-cream parlour alone. Do things alone so that you enjoy your own company.

You know even if you have been lonely, that will also lead you towards something much better as with the rapid growth of social belongingness, people are somewhere dying to find themselves out of a situation. So, keep improving and let your improvement be without an eye of judgement and suggestions.

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